The Titan Difference

You've just arrived at the pinnacle of top-of-the-line quality and performance. The Titan product was developed in New Zealand by Nouh Thompson using the best computer aided design software known to man. Strict instructions were given by the R&D department describing the harsh conditions presented by The Cape of Storms.

After careful planning and influences by top sports anglers opinions the design and practical use took shape. Titan 300 Walk around cabin was built in 2008.

A true sportfishing machine, The hull is remarkably balanced to provide a dry, smooth and fast ride. Careful planning and balance allows the 300 Titan to ride high in the waves, low spray and move forward effortlessly.

Many boatbuilders in this market focuses on the ride only , but we make sure the finsih and the ride is more then exeptable to the sports angler ," male and female "or the the family man on a safe platform for the enjoyment by the family.

The hull laminate has been carefully designed to make this boat weigh in at only 3200kg, this is almost a 1000kg saving to the competator.

The interior is made to the highest standards in quality, stainless hardware, fine cabinetry, ample rod storage, and superior

Titan 300 Walk Around Steering Console

Half the pleasure of owning a boat is the freedom it gives you. The other half is an appreciation of the craftsmanship lavished upon it.